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Hornworms are one of the best feeders on the market today. They are able to reach a size of 10g-12g in a period of as fast as two weeks. See below for insect weight comparisons.

Here at Great Lakes Hornworm, we make an ingredient specific diet to ensure the highest quality nutrition goes into our worms and then in your animals. Our custom hornworm diet makes the worms have one of the HIGHEST calcium contents out of any feeder on the market: 46.4mg/100g sample. They are also low in fat, 3.07%, and have no chitin or exoskeleton so your animal has no worry of impaction.

Not only do they offer top quality nutrition, but they have a few added bonuses: bright green/turquoise color stimulates the pickiest eaters and keeps them looking for more, they are hardier than other soft bodied worm species so you will not sustain large dead loss, and last but not least, their ease of keeping and low maintenance makes them one of the easiest feeders to house.