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What are Reptiles’ Favorite Food? Look for Superworms for Sale Online

Author: Thomas Typinski | Posted on: May 26th, 2017 | Category: Superworms

Are you thinking of owning a new pet? Perhaps a reptile? There are so many things to know about taking care of these cold-blooded creatures, but a good rule of thumb is to maintain a diet and environment for these animals that best match their natural habitat.

Until recently, many pet reptiles’ diet predominantly consisted of crickets. Though it’s a good diet, a number of captive reptile studies reveal that a reptile’s health might suffer due to an imbalance if crickets compose their entire diet. A wide variety of prey can, in turn, provide all the necessary nutrients and even stimulate the pet mentally.

It must also be noted that different reptiles demand different dietary regimens and combinations. Here are some of the best insects to be fed to your pet reptiles.


Crickets find the most favor as feed for pet reptiles and serve as a nutritious source for many reptile species. They are available in a variety of sizes and consists of 17% protein and 5.5% fat. They also contain calcium and phosphorus, macronutrients that are important to your pet’s health. However, as aforementioned, a cricket-only diet can prove to detrimental to a reptile’s long-term well-being. Variety is the key.


As another well-known feed, mealworms are actually beetle larvae kept in a constant environment to prevent them from maturing and turning into beetles. Mealworms can hasten your pet’s growth due to their high-protein and fat content.

However, as mealworms are enveloped in chitin (their exoskeleton), they may be hard to digest for younger or sick reptiles. You can keep mealworms alive in the fridge up to a month at a temperature below 40°F.

Look No Further than Superworms for Sale for your Reptile’s Nutrition


Superworms, also known as king worm or zophobus morio, are much larger than regular mealworms and much more active. This type of feed can be very enticing to reptiles stimulated by moving prey. Superworms consist of 22% protein and 17% fat, slightly more than a mealworm’s content. Superworms are best kept at room temperature because they will die when refrigerated.

Another reptile-for-pet term you need to know is “gutloading,” or the process of feeding the insects a high-quality diet of calcium and other essential nutrients. It’s important because these nutrients will be absorbed into the insects’ body which in turn will be eaten and processed internally by the reptiles.

However, these feed sources only need a few hours to rid all of the nutrients from their system, until they basically become an empty vessel. So, if you are looking for superworms for sale online, make sure to purchase them from a reputable supplier. A nutrient-filled feed is the key to a healthy and happy reptile.

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