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About Great Lakes Hornworm: Where the Highest Quality Crickets & Superworms for Sale Can Be Found

IMG_2583 GLH began as a reptile breeding facility in 1997. We started using hornworms in the middle of 2004 to increase the variety of feeders we were offering our animals. It didn't take long before we noticed the added benefits of feeding hornworms. Our animals were able to sustain and even gain weight during the breeding season, recovered faster after laying eggs, and were not taxed as hard from the breeding season. After experimenting with different rearing conditions and diet formulations, Great Lakes Hornworm was able to produce hornworms on a consistent basis. Since the beginning, we have added different insect species and supplies to meet our customer’s needs. Whether you need reptile food, fishing bait or research insects we are here to meet your needs. Feel free to browse the website or contact us by sending an email or placing a phone call with comments, suggestions, or specific needs.


Great Lakes Hornworm strives to produce the highest quality insects for the discriminating consumer throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide dependable products, particularly superworms for sale, superior customer service, and quality that is unsurpassed. We stand behind our products 100%, ensuring top quality results each and every time! We spare no expense to produce a superior product!
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“WINTER WEATHER SHIPPING! *For Cricket and Superworm orders* Please be aware of our live arrival guarantee (void when local and shipping temps between us and you are below 40 degrees F). Take a look at your zip code and ours (48065) to check local weather temps when ordering. We also follow nationwide weather trends and heat pack/box appropriately to the best conditions for shipping that we can. We will still ship if below 40 degrees, please just note that our live arrival guarantee can NOT be guaranteed in those conditions. Thank you all for your business”