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It is our goal at Great Lakes Hornworm to provide you with the highest quality insect. We deliver products across the entire United States.

sales@greatlakeshornworm.com   |   248-840-7658 (M-W: 9am -3pm EST, Th: 9am-12pm. Email is available 24/7)

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“WINTER WEATHER SHIPPING! *For Cricket and Superworm orders* Please be aware of our live arrival guarantee (void when local and shipping temps between us and you are below 40 degrees F). Take a look at your zip code and ours (48065) to check local weather temps when ordering. We also follow nationwide weather trends and heat pack/box appropriately to the best conditions for shipping that we can. We will still ship if below 40 degrees, please just note that our live arrival guarantee can NOT be guaranteed in those conditions. Thank you all for your business”