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Shipping Policy (see Terms and Conditions for further details)

Shipping days are Monday-Wednesday unless other arrangements are made. Orders are delivered mostly through FedEx, occasional USPS, depending on transit times. If you have a special request for your shipping method, you must email us with the request after placing each order and receive a confirmation email from us confirming your request.

All orders placed by 7am EST of a valid shipping day will ship that day, after 7am  the shipment will depart the following shipping day. Contact us if you need a shipment to be expedited through the system and we will accommodate if our abilities allow us.

Live arrival guarantee applies if shipment is accepted on the first delivery attempt and if the temperature is between 40-85 degrees Fahrenheit. These temps are for between us (zip code 48065) and the purchaser. It is up to the purchaser to know temperatures prior to purchase. We will always pack your orders to the best of our ability to control for all variables. Anything outside those parameters is up to the purchaser’s discretion.

DOA or damaged shipments must be reported within the first 24 hr period of receiving the package in order to be eligible for replacement. Pictures of loss or damages are required.


Hornworm FAQs

  • Are these the things I see on my tomato plant?

    Yes, but you can not feed the ones that were on your tomato plants to your animals, worms that eat the tomato plant have toxins in their body that will kill your animals.

  • Are they healthy for my animal?

    They are extremely healthy. They are high in calcium, low in fat, low in chitin and have an extremely soft exoskeleton so your animal will not have trouble digesting them. All this provides more usable nutrition for your animals. Calcium – 46.4mg/100g. Fat – 3.07%.

  • Can the horn on the end of them hurt them?

    No, it is just a piece of skin and nothing more, completely harmless.

  • Do they have dark juices squirt out of them when my animal bites them?

    No, their food does not contain green chlorophyll and yellow xanthrophyll to turn the worm green. The dark color is formed when yellow xanthrophyll mixes with the hornworms naturally blue blood, resulting in a green hornworm. The green chlorophyll is isolated by the worm and excreted in their frass (poop), thus dark colored frass occurs when the worm is fed leafy greens. Since our diet does not contain those chemicals our worms color remains blue like their blood. So the juices that squirt out of them will be a transparent light blue color, not dark.

  • How big do they get?

    3″-4″ and an average of 10g, but have been known to hit 12g.

  • How long do they live?

    Their normal life cycle lasts around three weeks at 75°F and as little as two weeks at 85°F. If for some reason you have extra large hornworms and no one to feed them to, you can put them in the refrigerator (40°F-42°F) and it will extend their life for a few days.

  • What do you feed them and how do you keep the cups?

    They are fed food that is specifically formulated for their optimum growth and nutrition. Keep the cups propped up so they can get plenty of ventilation.

  • What is a Tobacco Hornworm?

    Tobacco hornworms are the larvae of the Sphinx or Hawkmoth.

  • Do they smell?

    No, as long as you empty their feces out of the cup you will not have smelly worms.

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Effective 03/23/2020: Dear Customers, As the nation continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to reach out to our customer base to offer some reassurance. As different states enter Stay-in-Place orders (including ours here in Michigan) to help contain the virus and stop the spread, various businesses are being forced to shut down. We here at Great Lakes Hornworm are designated farm and are able to REMAIN OPEN and will keep producing insects for your animal’s needs. Along with that, the shipping providers are considered an essential business and the transportation of our products will continue during this time. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. We will continue to follow all safety and necessary precautions to stay safe. We wish continue good health for all of our staff and customers wherever you may be. -Rob and the entire staff at Great Lakes Hornworm