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Hornworms (larvae)

Hornworms (larvae)

The Hornworm Habitat is a fully functioning enclosure for hornworms. All cups are guaranteed to have at least the quantity listed in the description or it’s free. Make sure to keep the habitat propped up or on top of a screen to ensure plenty of ventilation. Hornworm habitats are packed with worms when you order it to ensure the freshest product possible!

Storage: For maximum growth keep at 82 degrees but can be cooled down to 55 degrees to stagnate growth. If worms are at desired size and you are unable to feed them you can place them in a 45 degree refrigerator for 2 days and take them out for one to stop growth and maintain viability.

Set-Up: After receiving your cups. Place the cup food side up, the worms will crawl to the food and the feces will drop to the lid for easy cleaning. Make sure to provide air flow to the lid for adequate ventilation.

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